New Junior Membership Scheme

July sees us launch our new Junior Membership Scheme. Replacing the extremely popular Centenary Cards, the new scheme gives all the benefits of the old card but with new offers to be added as the season progresses.

Holders will still get free access to first team games but the club are looking to partner with local businesses and facilities which means the card will be worth a whole lot more in time to come.

Centenary Card Holders, all you need to do is exchange your old card for a new Membership Card.

This can be done at any of the home Pre Season friendlies, simply call at the office before the game or alternatively it can be done at the club office during weekday opening hours from next Monday 10th July.

It really is that simple and of course it’s completely free.

Don’t have a Centenary Card but want to get involved, call at the office and ask to join up.

The scheme is open to all Children aged 4 to 16.

Director Richard Lewthwaite said, “The Centenary Card has been an amazing success as we look to engage with the youngsters of West Cumbria but its time for a refresh, we hope the new Junior Membership Card will be worth so much more in real terms for local families.”

The club is looking to partner with local businesses who have something to offer local families as we grow the scheme.

If any business owners think they have something to offer we’d urge them to get in touch with the club.

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  1. kirklea43

    My son has lost his card, is he still able to get on the scheme?

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