Stadium uncertainty

It was the decision we all feared and one which now questions our long term future at Borough Park, or indeed, our long term future full stop!

But was it?

The Executive of Allerdale Borough Council has decided not to proceed with the planned proposed joint stadium which, was to be the new home of Workington Town RLFC and Workington AFC.

Following this decision, the Board of Directors has arranged a meeting with ABC on Monday to discuss the situation, including, most urgently, securing our playing accommodation for the 2019-20 season. We aim to secure the support of ABC to ensure that any critical work is carried out as soon as possible.

It is the intention of the Board that the Club continues to be based at Borough Park as long as the stadium is safe and viable.

With this in mind, the Club will be arranging a Safety Advisory Group inspection of Borough Park but work has been ongoing behind the scenes to establish the feasibility of us playing at the ground in the short term.

Further updates will follow in due course.

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  1. How come the stadium has deteriorated so badly all of a sudden? I was led to believe a certain standard had to be maintained ??

    • Paul Armstrong
      Paul Armstrong

      The stadium hasn’t just deteriorated all of a sudden. It has been a gradual deterioration over a number of years. There was very little maintenance carried out for approximately 30 years prior to the current board coming in and a lot of the work has been of a poor standard and inadequately supervised, this has compounded the problem.​

      This combined with the age of the stadium has resulted in situation where it is a case of diminishing returns, we just can’t cope with the rate of deterioration that is occurring.

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