Workington AFC Partnerships – Cloud Competitions

It’s the start of a brand new season at Borough Park and it’s also time to announce the club’s exciting partnership with a brand new local company!

Cloud Competitions are an online competitions business with a bit of a twist, established a few weeks ago they have pledged that as they grow they will re-invest some of their profits back into the local community as well as insisting on using other local companies to supply all of their prizes.

George and Brandon from Cloud Competitions dropped into Borough Park earlier today to meet Reds Vice Chairman Richard Lewthwaite and finalise the details.

Richard said “we are delighted to be teaming up with another ambitious local company and hopefully we can both benefit as Cloud Competitions grows going forward.”

“We as club are committed to supporting our local community and next week Cloud Competitions will be launching an online raffle that will provide a donation to the club which we will then use to continue our work in the local community, as well as giving someone the chance to win £1000 cash for as little as 99p.”

It’s something we are hoping we can do on a regular basis going forward as the partnership grows.
George from Cloud Competitions said “We are so grateful for this opportunity to collaborate with Workington Reds AFC, with both parties ideas already blossoming into reality, we really will have a bright future working alongside each other and this is only just the start of it”

Our first competition collaboration will be dropped on Thursday 17th August and we’ll be letting you have all the information you need to enter before then so keep an eye on our Social platforms this week.
If you want to see how it all works visit and have a look around in advance.

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