WAFC Season Ticket and Admission Prices 23/24

As an amazing week and season for the club comes to a close we are getting ready to do it all again. 

We are delighted to announce our admission prices and Season Ticket details for the forthcoming NPL Premier Division season (sounds nice that doesn’t it!) Season Tickets will be available from next Tuesday morning (May 09th) online using the links we will provide or they can be reserved at the office at Borough Park from 10am to 1pm weekdays. 

The first thing you will notice is a 21 home game season (even more opportunities to watch the Reds) as opposed to 19 in the past few years, there is also a small increase in general admission prices across the board to reflect our move to a higher level of football and a rise in general costs. 

However, the club has introduced some great initiatives to minimise the effect of those rises, more later but a Season Ticket is still the cheapest way to follow the team.

 Matchday PriceSeason TicketEarly Bird Season TicketEarly Bird Cut Off Date
Adult £13* £250 £24030/06/23 
Concession £8* £150 £14030/06/23 
Junior 12-18 £4 £70 £6030/06/23 
Child 11 and Under£2 N/A N/A N/A 
Admission Prices 2023-24

Firstly, the cheapest way to watch the Reds is to get yourself an Early Bird Season Ticket, numbers are not restricted but you must purchase by close of business on Friday 30th June. Buying early represents the biggest saving and it helps the club. You know it makes sense. 

Don’t want to commit to a Season Ticket, not a problem, you can still save money: 

* If you purchase your matchday ticket ONLINE using the clubs Kaizen Ticketing System up to 24 hours before kick of you will save £1, this makes Adult tickets £12 or Concessions £7    

Kids and Family groups you are such a huge part of our club and we haven’t forgotten about you, our Centenary Cards have been a massive success but it is time for them to have a revamp, we’ve got some big announcements coming soon but you’ll be able to trade in your current Centenary Cards for one of our new Junior Memberships they are still  FREE  and still get you entry to all games FREE but there is more including discounts at other local facilities, watch this space for more details in the coming weeks……. 

The support you have given the team this season has been nothing short of superb, we are determined to make it as cost effective and easy as possible to continue to back the Reds going into what is sure to be an exciting new season!


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