Unfinished business

First of all, we accept that we hadn’t achieved anything before Thursday’s decision from the FA that the 2019-20 season, as far as steps 3 to 6 clubs were concerned, had been declared ‘null and void’.

But we have been denied the opportunity of completing what could have been a memorable campaign where a League and Cup double was still on the cards as well as success in the County Cup.

The injustice of the situation is based on potential and not something we have had taken away from us but is disappointing nevertheless.

We totally accept that there was no easy solution because of this unprecedented world crisis but, regardless, still feel short-changed with the outcome.

Had we been awarded the title, on the basis that we were top of the league, it would have felt like a hollow victory, unacceptable to many but better that than not to be recognised at all.

Could the season have realistically resumed for the outstanding fixtures to be completed – we don’t know yet – but if the Premier League and National League thought it was feasible, then we too were willing to give it a go.

All we know for certain is:

  • We were in with a chance of landing a first ever NPL title
  • We could have registered a club record tally of league points
  • We could have recorded more league wins in a season than ever before
  • We could have netted more league goals than in any of our thirty two previous seasons in the NPL
  • We could have concluded the campaign with a best ever defensive record at this level
  • Our top scorer had a great chance of winning the divisional golden boot award
  • Some of our players may have attracted individual recognition by the League  

So, if null and void is the verdict, the hierarchy must allow the season’s statistics to stand.  All the appearances and goals must be chronicled to each individual – it is the very least they deserve.

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