The story behind the picture – Amy, a first for Reds

The above photograph was taken on the 23rd November, 2002 when Will Varty (left) skippered Reds in a Unibond League First Division fixture at Alfreton Town.

In the centre of the picture is match referee, Amy Rayner as was, who became the first female official to take charge of a Workington first team fixture.

I don’t think Tommy Cassidy was too happy with the referee’s performance overall although that was quite normal for our manager post match.

But the opening goal, in a 3-0 defeat, resulted from a wrongly awarded free kick in Alfreton’s favour so Tommy had a point.

No disputing the other two goals as the Alfreton Reds ran out easy winners.

Rob Ennis had the unwanted distinction of becoming the first Workington player to be booked by a female official!

Twelve Workington matches have now been controlled by a female referee with the balance showing six defeats and six victories!

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