TEAM BONDING: Ullswater Reds

It was a case of ‘man overboard’ instead of ‘man on’ when the first team squad took to the water in the Lake District.

Reds spent a couple of hours at Ullswater on a team bonding exercise, the third time in recent seasons they have gone aquatic in a change to their normal pre-season routines.

After the basic safety pointers and instructions, the squad took to the paddle boards and sailed away into the distance – some with better balancing skills than others.

They should have been well accustomed to water, having played quite a few of the pre-season games in torrential rain, but it’s obviously far more difficult trying to make progress on a lake than on terra firma!

Against the stunning back-drop of the Lakeland fells, Steven Rigg emerged as the unofficial Workington AFC champion paddle-boarder, adding water skills to the variety of roles he has mastered on grass.

Ullswater Wake & Surf took on the willing (and the not so willing) students, including management trio Grainger, Mitchell and Redden, with all having a great time working their biceps and triceps and stretching the hamstrings not to mention having a right good laugh.

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