Stalwart steps down

Long serving groundsman, Jeff Curwen, has resigned and will be leaving his role with immediate effect.

The shock news was announced on Monday with Jeff ending his sixteen year association with the club.

Had Reds moved to Derwent Park in the summer, it was his intention to step down then but, following the collapse of the new stadium project, he continued in the job he has done for the past decade and a half with the proviso that he would leave at the end of the season.

Jeff Curwen

Now 78, Jeff is the second longest serving groundsman throughout the Borough Park era with only the late Billy Watson putting in more time.

He has worked tirelessly for the cause during his time at the club, often spending numerous unsociable hours on the pitch getting it prepared for the match. On many an occasion he has been beaten by the weather but, undaunted, would still spend time forking away the water in the hope of getting the surface playable.

A proud man, and, arguably, the most important member of staff, Jeff would momentarily forget about the state of the pitch if Reds had managed to win, whilst churning the surface, but would be there at first light the following day attempting to put things right for the next game.

It is a thankless task being a groundsman in Cumbria but he took dedication to a new level, often working with sub-standard equipment and a very low budget.

The club would like to go on record and thank Jeff for his unstinting efforts over the years and trust he will continue to visit Borough Park on a regular basis – as a spectator!

Dennis Rossi will step into Jeff’s boots for the foreseeable future.

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