Stadium update

Following the events of recent days, the directors wish to confirm our intentions regarding our home for the 2019-20 season.

Immediately after Friday’s decision by Allerdale Borough Council not to proceed with the new stadium in its current form, we stated that it is our intention to remain at Borough Park for the immediate future. The position remains unchanged.

Much work has been done behind the scenes to establish what actions are required to ensure Borough Park is a safe and viable place to play and watch football next season, and the Board has put in place an action plan to see the necessary works carried out throughout July and into August.

Those works have an anticipated total cost in the region of £15,000, which the club will need to find in the near future.

The spending outlined here is intended to ensure we can continue to play at Borough Park for the next twelve months, during which time we expect to see progress made on the longer term plan.

The Board will be working closely with contractors to minimise the cost of the essential works and will be looking to secure additional income to protect the playing budget for the forthcoming season.

Meanwhile, positive talks were held with ABC and Workington Town on Monday and it is clear there is a determination and commitment from all parties to see sporting facilities improved in Workington.

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