Some issues remain around the completion of the safety certificate at Borough Park which meant the covered areas of the Popular Side and Town End had to be sectioned off during last weekend’s Lancaster game until the necessary permissions have been attained.

Chairman Les Byers commented “We are well underway with the process of re-grading Borough Park which will alleviate many of the recent problems, but of course we need to follow due process. We anticipate this is likely to affect at least our first home game, in addition we are liasing with the NPL to look for a solution to this also.

After all the hard work that has gone into preparing the stadium and the playing surface this is a major disappointment to us all, and we apologise to our fans for this alongside the unavoidable Covid restrictions currently in place. But I assure them we are doing everything in our powers to resolve this as soon as possible.”

We will keep fans informed as soon as we have any further updates.

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