Stadium director stands down

It is with some reluctance and a tinge of sadness that director, Don Blackwell, has stepped down from the Board after handing his resignation to the chairman on Monday.

A supporter of the club since the mid fifties, Don became a board member in 2013 eventually taking on the role of stadium director. For a period he was joint chairman.

He has overseen many projects improving the ground’s facilities and was involved, along with Mike Rollo, as the club’s representatives in the two years of negotiations with Allerdale on the new stadium project.

The collapse of the project last month and poor health going back a year, combined with the workload incurred on the stadium project, has prompted Don to step down with immediate effect.

He has just been on holiday and would certainly like to spend more time with his family but will continue to support the club from the terraces.

The Board would like to go on record to thank Don for his commitment to the cause over the past six seasons with chairman, John Mackay, saying:

Don has put everything into helping keep this club alive in recent years and we express our gratitude to him for his efforts. In particular, he has had the quite thankless task of maintaining and improving Borough Park, keeping the stadium open despite its age.

He will, of course, always be welcome at the ground and we hope to see him on match-days throughout the forthcoming season.

Don has been offered an honorary Vice President role with the club.

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