Six new recruits for Reds Board

Six new directors have joined the Board in response to the club’s appeal for more resources.

Stepping forward are Howard Bouch, Chris Root, Phil Norman, Kevin Aitken and David Bowden with a sixth person to be named.

Bouch is a local business owner and a qualified Chartered Accountant and a Reds fan for over sixty years.

Root, originally from West London, is also a Chartered Accountant and the owner of three residential care homes in the area. He has been Cumbrian based for the past fifteen years.

Local man, Norman, is another life-long Workington supporter and recently retired from his role as Technical Service Manager for a firm in the area covering the UK and Ireland.

Aitken is well known in the town, a former director of the family business and is already helping on the Stadium Project Team formed by director, Les Byers. He has been involved in Borough Park maintenance for the best part of forty years and part of the construction industry over the same period, gaining an extensive knowledge of large scale building projects.

Another familiar face locally is Bowden, a retired Managing Director with Cumbrian Newspapers Limited and Furness Newspapers Limited.

Discussions with the group have been in progress for several weeks with former chairman, John Mackay, and the Workington Board after appeals had been made for people to step forward and help the club.

A spokesman on behalf of the new directors said, “All our discussions and requests for information were conducted in a professional and transparent manner with John and the Board very positive regarding the skills we could potentially bring to the club alongside the current directors.

“It was, therefore, a real surprise when we learned that both John and Ross had resigned but the former has written a personal letter with his best wishes and explaining his reasons for wishing to stand down, which we all understand and completely respect.

“I’m sure we will be able to call on both John’s and Ross’s experience and advice in the future and they’ll still be attending the forthcoming matches. They have given so much to the club and deserve praise for their contributions over a period of time.

“In common with all those who want the best for the Reds, we recognise that it’s a pivotal time for Workington Football Club. On top of the day to day challenges of running such an organisation, particularly the finances, a real task by itself, the strategy regarding the future stadium facilities needs agreed.

“Relationships with all parties need developed. There is a marvellous youth set up, passionate volunteers and staff to build on.

“Next year is a centenary event for the re-formed club and celebrating this milestone offers great opportunities but it has to continue into the future.

“And, of course, the end result is to build a successful and entertaining team on the pitch by giving the best support possible to the coaching staff. This demands a considerable increase in time and resources and is the reason we have all stepped forward.

“There is much to do and it is vital for us to work together to achieve all of this, put behind us any issues and look forward positively. It will be impossible for any Board, present or future, to do this alone.

“If we can ensure fans, shareholders and sponsors all come together at this crucial time there is so much we can achieve.”

The current Board is delighted to welcome the new directors, particularly at this time of need, and values the comprehensive range of skills they bring to the club.

• All new appointments have to be ratified by The FA

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