Sibling subs

The Lightfoot brothers are the latest in a long list of siblings that have played first team football for Reds, adding to numerous father/son relationships who have represented the club in the past.

Liam (19) and Carl (17) are from Abbeytown and are former pupils of Steven Rudd at Nelson Thomlinson School.

And the pair was involved in a unique substitution in Saturday’s pre-season game at Consett.  Both were involved in a 75th minute incident which created a bit of club history as they took to the field simultaneously replacing Priestley Griffiths and Steven Rigg respectively.

We have named brothers on the bench before but have never introduced two family members to the game at the same time.

Andy Coyles

Meanwhile, there was a familiar face on the Consett bench with former Reds player and Penrith coach/manager, Andy Coyles, now part of Terry Mitchell’s backroom team at Belle View. 

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