RISC help invaluable

With the majority of the club’s income streams suffering during the pandemic, the Reds Independent Supporters’ Club has gone the extra mile to offer financial help to the Board.

Since March, they have raised and donated £10,330 to the club’s coffers and currently have £1,500 banked towards the next sizable donation.

Fund raising is never easy but making a success of it during the most difficult period the country  has lived through since the Second World War is commendable and, in our case, absolutely vital.

Monies have come from numerous events including the auction and sales of decent items of memorabilia with signed shirts from the likes of Glenn Murray and Will Vaulks proving very popular for souvenir hunters.  

Another innovation that is going well is a revised version of the Score-cast weekly competition.  Ran successfully for many years by Burnley Bob (Bob Atkinson), the RISC say this popular fund raiser is building week by week with a potential of it becoming a Godsend to the club.

Punters are invited to predict a series of scores from the weekend matches, at £2 a go, and whoever amasses more than 21 points is declared the winner.

Five points is awarded for a correct score, two points for a correct result.  If someone has 21 points he/she receives 50% of the monies with the rest going direct to the club.  For less than 21 points, the prize rolls over to the following week.   

Anyone who would like to join the scheme or obtain more details should contact RISC member, Liam Irving, on 07718 275003.

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