REUBEN JEROME: New teammates have been top class

Reds first-team striker Reuben Jerome says his teammates have been ‘top class’ since he arrived at the club last summer.

Jerome, 26, yesterday agreed for stay at Borough Park for a second season, becoming our eighth re-signing so far.

He joined a tightly-knit group from Ramsbottom United eight months ago and being based in Yorkshire meant that mixing was even tougher given the restrictions on socialising, but he quickly became a key player nonetheless.

Jerome netted seven goals in nine Northern Premier League appearances during the short 20/21 season, leading the line for Danny Grainger’s side.

Speaking over the phone to discuss the new deal, our striker explained; “I’m happy to get it all sorted early.

“It’s good to have something to look forward to, especially after everything that’s happened and to not have any uncertainty about where I’m going to be playing come the restart.”

So, with his out-of-county residency (a rarity in the Reds squad) and having still not been able to get a full taste of life at Borough Park, what was decision-making process like?

“I’d spoken to Danny a few times over the break and he made his intentions clear, which I liked,” Reuben revealed

“As soon as I knew him and Ruddy [Steven Rudd] wanted me back, then that was that, they’ve got big aspirations and I want to be a part of that.”

With the lack of social pastimes available since his July 2020 arrival, it wouldn’t be easy for anyone to adapt to new surroundings, especially in the aforementioned first-team, which was kept largely the same last summer.

Jerome, thankfully though, didn’t take to long to click into the clique.

“I get on well with all the lads, they welcomed me from the start.

“It’s tough, coming into a team where you don’t know anyone, but the lads have been top class and it makes you enjoy the football side of things more,” he elaborated.

“The fans have been really good to me as well, they do a lot for the club, and support us home and away – they’re some set!”

Strike partner Scott Allison has struck up a good partnership with Jerome and he said upon re-signing last month: “Reuben’s a really good player.

“We clicked straight away, there was no ‘I want to score more than you.’

Allison added: “There’s no selfishness, Reuben and I both like to score but it clicked and worked well.”

Jerome himself echoed the sentiment, saying: “I enjoy playing with Scotty, he’s a very good player so it’s easy to play alongside someone like him.

“We’re different types of players but our styles compliment each other, I think.

“We both enjoy scoring goals but we’re happy to set each other up like we did a few times last year.”

He continued: “I’m excited to get back to it and I’m sure we’ll both pick up where we left off.”

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