Reserves ready to go

Craig Johnston

Reds Reserves will kick-off their seventeenth consecutive season of Lancashire League football on 12 August when they travel to play Lancaster City.

The League has reverted to two mini divisions this season – east and west – and each club will then play every team once in the League Cup competition.

That will mean Reds playing five clubs – Barrow, Kendal Town, Lancaster City, RIASA Fusion and RIASA Royals – on a home and away basis in the league with a one off match against Barrow, Bradford RIASA, Chorley, Hyde, Kendal Town, Lancaster City, Leeds RIASA, RIASA Fusion and RIASA Royals in the league cup.

The Cup will be run on a league table basis with the top four at the end of the season contesting the semi-finals.

That will give Reds a programme of nineteen matches, minimum, which is a satisfactory number for young players at this stage of their development.

Garforth Town were accepted into the League at the AGM in June but then tendered their resignation a month later.

Former players, Brian Dawson and Craig Johnston, will be in charge of the Reds squad this season.

Workington Reserves
Fixtures 2019-20

Monday 12 August   Lancaster City (away)   League
Wednesday 21 August   Chorley (home)   League Cup
Thursday 29 August   Kendal Town (away)   League Cup
Friday 6 September   RIASA Royals (away)   League Cup
Wednesday 18 September   Barrow (home)   League Cup
Friday 20 September   Leeds RIASA (away)   League Cup
Wednesday 25 September   RIASA Royals (home)   League
Wednesday 2 October   RIASA Fusion (home)   League Cup
Wednesday 16 October   Kendal Town (home)   League
Wednesday 13 November   RIASA Fusion (home)   League
Wednesday 8 January   Lancaster City (home)   League
Thursday 16 January   Kendal Town (away)   League
Tuesday 21 January   Barrow (away)   League
Wednesday 29 January   Barrow (home)   League
Friday 7 February   Hyde (away)   League Cup
Friday 28 February   RIASA Royals (away)   League
Monday 2 March   Lancaster City (away)   League Cup
Friday 6 March   RIASA Fusion (away)   League
Wednesday 25 March   Bradford RIASA (home)   League Cup

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