Reds Together

The Reds will begin the matchday against FC United of Manchester by launching our new club mission statement.

It is a product of the clubs involvement in the FA Club Programme, a scheme which helps clubs such as ours access expert advice and mentoring as well as enabling us to share ideas with other like minded ambitious clubs. It is a long term programme where clubs can work at their own pace through the scheme.

The first part of the process is to take a step back and analyse the clubs current strengths and weaknesses before reassessing the clubs identity. From there we can work forward in line with our aims and goals.

Much of the new statement concentrates on our aims off the pitch as well as on, we are more than just a football club and we need to continue to develop in this way.

“Clubs at our level cannot just concentrate on football alone, we need to realise that we are a focal point for the local community. We have a duty to the people of West Cumbria to use our knowledge, people and facilities to help create better people and communities”

Community Director Richard Lewthwaite

“ The new mission statement sets out our goals and helps all those who are involved with Reds see the standards we have set ourselves going forwards. It’s all about a team effort on and off the pitch. We are blessed with some fantastic staff and volunteers at Borough Park and there is no doubt we have a lot to offer the wider community.”

Look out for our new mission statement boards at Borough Park this afternoon, please take a few seconds to read them as we ask everyone at the club to buy into the project. The full statement will also appear on the club website over the weekend.

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