Prize money milestone for Reds

Reds should have been on FA Trophy duty this weekend and heading for a First Round tie at NPL Premier Division outfit, Nantwich Town.

That game, like every other at our level, has been put on hold for the time being but is one players, supporters and club officials can look forward to post Lockdown 2.

Whatever happens in that game at the Weaver Stadium, Reds will be rewarded with monies from the FAs prize fund – the eventual winners will collect £3,000 whilst the losers will be compensated with a cheque for £775.

Weaver Stadium, Nantwich

And either amount will see Workington AFC reach a significant milestone in terms of ‘earnings’ since the FA introduced prize money to the FA Trophy back in 2007.

The victories over Pontefract Collieries (£2,250) and Glossop North End (£2,450) took the club’s prize money to £99,850 so, whatever the outcome, we will pass the £100k marker on completion of The Dabbers tie. Although never included in the projected income, the prize money will have certainly kept the club afloat over the years.

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