On this day – 17 Jun

The 17th June, 1977, remains a sad chapter in the history of Workington Football Club. 

That was the day, forty-three years ago, we lost our Football League status after twenty-six seasons mixing it with the big boys. 

All supporters in the fifty plus age bracket will remember the day vividly – where they were, probably what they were wearing and how they felt on that never-to-be-forgotten Friday afternoon.  The news reduced grown men to tears and, for many, is still the saddest day in a lifetime as a Workington Reds supporter. 

There was no relegation from the Football League in those days and the bottom four clubs in the basement Fourth Division had to apply for re-election. 

Reds, for the fourth consecutive season, finished their forty-six match programme in one of the bottom four positions (24th) and, along with Halifax Town, Hartlepool and Southport, had to apply for re-election. 

At the Football League’s AGM held at the Cafe Royal (pictured), London, on Friday 17 June, Workington were unsuccessful with their bid and Wimbledon (Southern League, premier division) were elected in their place. 

The voting was recorded as follows: 

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  • As a consequence, the club attended the Northern Premier League AGM at Warrington the following day, applying for membership of the aforementioned league.  The application was successful as Workington AFC received 17 votes – only three clubs did not vote for them – with their first game scheduled for 20 August, 1977.

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