It was announced last month that a board room shuffle will take effect from today with Les Byers stepping down as chairman and succeeded by Dave Bowden.

Both gentlemen have devoted a considerable amount of time to the cause – with Les involved behind the scenes long before his appointment as a director last January and Dave since becoming a club official in February.

Les Byers

“Signing off as chairman will obviously be quite an emotional moment,” said ‘outgoing’ Les, adding, “but I will remain a member of the board and intend to concentrate much of my efforts on the proposed new Allerdale Sports Village Project, which, of course, encompasses Borough Park.

“There is still a significant amount of work ahead here and so much to be agreed.  Reds are committed to playing an inclusive part in bringing the project to a successful conclusion.

“The position of Chairman of a football club, at any level, is enormously demanding and very time consuming.  Originally, I only agreed to take the role on an interim basis, to facilitate the influx of the new board whilst if found its feet.  I have done that and it’s in place now,” he concluded.

For incoming Dave, it completes a unique double in these parts having previously served neighbours Workington Town RLFC for many years in a similar role.

“Well, what a time to take on the additional responsibility as Chairman of a football Club,” he declared.

“As many of you know, I’m not fond of the title ‘chairman’, it is simply one role amongst many at the club.  It’s not something I would have considered but for the fact that I believe the club has all the qualities to progress.

“A good board of directors, marvellous staff and volunteers and, as has been proved, impressive and loyal supporters and last, but not least, a talented manager and coaching staff who have fashioned a successful team capable of playing really entertaining football.

“There is a huge effort needed in the current climate to progress up the leagues but it will not be achieved without everyone involved at the club working together as a team.  This is the task facing us so let’s get on with it,” was the battle cry.  Completing the six man board are Kevin Aitken, Howard Bouch, Phil Norman and Chris Root.

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