Meet the managers success

There was a superb show of unity at Derwent Park as Town and Reds staged a ‘Meet the managers’ evening.

First on the stage were the respective chairmen, Les Smallwood and John Mackay, who gave their welcome message to a healthy gathering from both clubs.

Over a hundred supporters attended a Q & A session superbly hosted by Gary McKeating with the respective coach and manager, Chris Thorman and Danny Grainger, the stars of a very enjoyable evening.

John Mackay and Les Smallwood

Then Gary became the master of ceremonies allowing Chris and Danny centre stage to tell us about their careers, both distinguished in their own right, before informing a captive audience their plans to revive the fortunes of the town’s senior rugby league and football clubs.

Gary McKeating

And what a refreshing approach from Messrs Thorman and Grainger. Eloquent throughout, they spoke of ambition, as well as dealing with the ‘here and now’ and how they intend to run their respect teams.

Both created a very favourable impression and one respected voice from the floor praised the two Boards for appointing such talented coaches.

There was plenty of humour too with one Town fan asking Chris the $64,000 question, “When are we going beat Whitehaven”.

Reds fans were informed by Danny that both Brad Carroll and Conor Tinnion had re-signed for next term with the latter also appointed the new skipper.

Town were the perfect hosts, making those of a Reds persuasion warmly welcome.

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