Following the sudden departure of Danny Grainger the club are sharing with fans the next stages in the search for a new 1st team coach. 

Chairman Dave Bowden explained, “We feel it important that fans are kept aware of our thoughts and that, as much as is possible outside areas of confidentiality, we keep everyone informed. This of course particularly applies to our players, and we will be seeking their thoughts moving forward.

“We will confirm our requirements in the next few days and are actively consulting with our coaching staff and players to produce a profile of the type of person we wish to attract to the club.

“We will then ensure that the vacancy is advertised to attract the best fit to these objectives. Encouragingly we have already received some very strong interest from a wide range of very capable and experienced coaches.  

“Needless to say, the timing is not good and whilst we intend to move as quickly as possible to an appointment, we won’t be rushed.  

“In the meantime, we are fortunate to have both Steven Rudd and Brian Dawson who will ensure our pre-season preparations continue as planned. 

“Finally, I can assure everyone we will be working very hard to ensure that the strides we have made over the last couple of seasons continue to improve and that the promotion we all seek is achieved.

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