Jim basking in glory

Goalkeepers take the plaudits when they save a penalty during a game, even more so if they happen to come up with a rare goal.  They should be well and truly lauded, therefore, if they manage both in the same game which is exactly what Jim Atkinson did during Saturday’s 6-0 pre-season romp over Morpeth Town.

Creating club history with his ‘golden double’, Jim’s wonder goal has also been recognised as the quickest at Borough Park, hitting the Derwent End net after 10 seconds.

Reds popular custodian takes up the story:

Jim Atkinson

“It’s my first ever goal as a ‘keeper although I have tried to do it before from long range, when I have spotted the other goalie off his line, but have never kicked it quite right.

“This one was definitely a fluke because I was aiming for ‘Riggy’ but I got closed down too quickly.

“I asked Danny and Ruddy last year about putting me on set piece duties so perhaps the new coaching staff will take notice and give me the nod!”

His penalty save came in the 75th minute when he dived full length to his left keeping out Jack Foalie’s well struck effort.

“I had only ever saved one penalty before this season but have now stopped three out of the four faced in pre-season and that feels good.  You’re never expected to do well so it’s great when you make the save and happy to do my bit for the team.

“I didn’t realise I was the first goalkeeper to score a goal then save a penalty for Workington in the same match and hope it’s a record that’ll never be beaten.  And the quickest goal at Borough Park is a nice one too – good luck to anyone trying to better that!

“It was the perfect performance – a goal, an assist, a penalty save and a clean sheet, what more could a ‘keeper ask for? “Hopefully, we can take the form we produced against Morpeth into the first league game at Kidsgrove on Saturday,” he concluded.

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