Important information about Saturday’s game vs Macclesfield

We are all looking forward to Saturday’s game against Macclesfield and of course we are hoping for a bumper crowd to cheer on the lads.

Bigger than normal crowds especially with a large number of travelling supporters pose us as a club a few challenges, but don’t get us wrong they are the sort of challenges we like to have, and we can’t wait to see Borough Park bouncing come 3pm on Saturday! 

However regular fans will notice some slight changes on arrival at the ground, so we’d like you to be prepared in advance. 

Full segregation will be in place with Macclesfield supporters situated in the Town End/Enclosure corner of the ground. The remaining ¾ of the Town End and all of the rest of the ground will be available for home fans as normal. 

Access for home supporters will by Turnstiles 1 & 2 (Enclosure Tunnel) and Turnstiles 5 & 6 (adjacent to the Black Path/Lonsdale Park) only. 

Visiting supporters are STRICTLY ALL TICKET and you should contact your Macclesfield FC direct to purchase, please do not purchase using our online system! Visiting fans will use Turnstiles 3 & 4 (adjacent to the roundabout) only. There will be no cash facility at these turnstiles on the day. 

Reds fans will have access to The Tony Hopper Bar and catering as usual, separate concessions will be available for visiting fans. 

It goes without saying that it will be busier than normal so we would recommend that people arrive considerably earlier than they normally would to ease congestion as Kick Off approaches. We’d encourage home supporters to either purchase tickets in advance from the club office. It will be open Mon- Fri 10am to 1pm and on matchday 10am – 3pm or you can purchase online from the link below. 

We think that should give you all the information you need, the only final point to make is: 

Please respect our matchday staff, they are nearly all volunteers who do it for the love of the Reds and to make your experience more enjoyable. We thank you in advance for this and we hope you all enjoy the game.

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