Iconic photo back in focus

Workington’s supporters in the 60 + bracket may recall this wonderful photograph depicting members of the Junior Supporters’ Club, posing in a 1-5-4-2 formation, over fifty years ago.

The iconic picture first adorned the front cover of the Football League Review – an excellent publication that supplemented the match day programme. It was taken in 1968 in front of the converted railway carriage, which formed part of the perimeter wall at the south west corner of the ground.

Ground south-west turnstiles.

The photograph was reproduced by backpass (the retro football magazine) in their latest edition and appears A4 size on the back cover.

Not entirely sure how many of the dedicated dozen still attend games (quite a few are no longer with us, sadly) but, ironically, one of ladies featured in the picture was spotted at a recent game with her grandchildren.

The railway carriage was located to the right of the current Town End turnstiles and ran towards Allerdale House.

Ground Town-End turnstiles.

The stadium boundaries have changed considerably since then, as indicated by more recent views of that corner of Borough Park.

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  1. There’s a mug on sale right now on E-bay which features the Football League Review pic of the Junior Supporters’ Club.

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