Good news, bad news

Danny Grainger delivered good news and bad news to the Reds squad this week.

He gave them Saturday off, with no game or training scheduled, but there was a small price to pay in that Thursday’s session would be tough, very tough.

Drafted in to provide an army-type training session, Ally Morrison tested the players’ physical and mental state to the limit with a series of challenges including sand-bag carrying, boxing, skipping, moving a giant tyre (and dragging a smaller version), shoving a heavy sledge, carrying two water containers over a distance, various weights related exercises, vaulting over a hurdle, work with a medicine ball and all that after a three mile warm-up road run.

But, as has been the case in every training session this summer, the players knuckled down and came through the ninety minute session with flying colours and it is hard to recall a fitter squad going into the new season.

Reds will undergo two conventional training sessions this week before travelling to Radcliffe for their seventh away game of the summer next Saturday.

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