Football at Derwent Park

Workington AFC and Workington Town RLFC are pleased to announce that, in an arrangement that further strengthens the growing partnership between the two clubs, Derwent Park will host some matches for the Reds Juniors open age teams and also for the Reds Ladies team this season.

Reds’ Community Director Ross Peacock said:

Given the work that has gone into the Borough Park pitch over the summer, and the fact that it has struggled to stay in the best condition through the last couple of winters, this is a real boost not just to the ladies and open age teams, but to the club as a whole. We are very grateful that these sides will have the opportunity to play in such a great stadium, while we will be giving the Borough Park pitch the chance to rest between first and reserve team games. We very much appreciate Workington Town’s generous offer to host these matches.

Town Chairman Les Smallwood added:

We’ve always had a good relationship with the Reds and the last year has seen it strengthen further. As a club, we want to see all sport thrive in our town, and for Derwent Park to be used as a community asset, so we’re delighted that we’ll be able to host and enjoy some football this season.

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