DAV SYMINGTON: We’ll be raring to go again

Reds wide man Dav Symington thinks the first-team squad will all be raring to go for the 2021/22 season after he extended his stay at the club.

Symington, 27, made it six seasons at Borough Park by re-signing yesterday, and spoke over the phone on Thursday to chat about a various topics.

Firstly, on his committing his immediate future, the West Cumbrian said: “It’s good to know you’re in the manager’s plans and hopefully, we can pick where we left off and get the promotion which we deserve.

“It was a simple decision [to make], I think it’ll be the same for all of the lads just because of the environment we have.

“We all enjoy being together because there’s no negativity, so we’ll be raring to go for the new season again!”

As a 27-year-old, Symington is one of the oldest members of the senior squad, but still feels young at heart.

“I still count myself as a young lad but it’s good to see the younger lads coming through,” he revealed.

“We’ve got some quality coming through as well and it’s good to be able to depend on them as well because they’ve played a few games now among it all.

“They know what we’re about and hit the ground running this pre-season.”

The wide man is far from him on the pitch but has a close relationship off with with Jim Atkinson, with the being undoubtedly being the two Chuckle brothers of the group.

Symington was unsurprisingly relieved to learn his partner-in-crime had also agreed to stay.

“It’s good to know our little bromance is still gonna be there!

“We get on dead well and we keep all the lads in check with our banter, too.”

Having been a professional with Carlisle United until 2015, Symington has been in football for the vast majority of his life and the man who has made 148 starts as a Red discussed what the COVID-enforced breaks have been like.

“It’s been quite challenging because, obviously, it’s the sport you love and you don’t know what to do with yourself sometimes.

“You want to go running but you don’t want to do too much running because you want to do pre-season right and get fit.”

However, our 2016/17 top goalscorer (15 of his 36 goals for the club) saw a silver living to the spell off.

“As weird as it sounds, though, it’s a good way of seeing what life will be like when you retire.

“It’s a little taste of it, what you’re going to do with your weekends and that sort of thing.

“It’s made me think of what I want to do afterwards and things, maybe going into coaching or something like that.”

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