DANNY GRAINGER: Training has been of a fantastic standard

Reds first-team manager Danny Grainger says weekly spring training sessions have been of a ‘fantastic standard.’

Speaking after another workout on Thursday, Grainger discussed the sessions, pre-season friendlies and the potentially restructuring of the leagues at our level.

“It’s been very nice to see the lads often again,” he firstly beamed.

“We’ve only tried once-a-week but the nights we have been training have been a fantastic standard.”

“There’s been a real competitiveness about them, a lot of quality and we’ve had some lads in to have a look at.

“We had a behind closed doors friendly which was fantastic as well, so if this is the standard they’re showing in May, we can’t wait to see how they are in August.”

Two friendlies have been officially announced, a trip to Berwick Rangers and hosting of Lancaster City, both in July.

Grainger is relishing the pair of fixtures.

“They’ll be very good, obviously Berwick will be very different.

“We’ve got a good relationship with them and they’ve asked us to go up there.

“It’s something we can do as part of a team bonding type of thing, and Lancaster will be a challenge for us from the league above with more to be announce pre-season.”

Finally, the news of our first team’s level being restructured came a few weeks ago.

Although not much is known, it’s something the manager is taking stock of already.

“It won’t affect preparations yet, we hope things can be sorted in the next few weeks before we come back into pre-season so we know where we’re going.

“It’s frustrating for us because we know where we should be now, but I think it’ll be good for the league and the step because it brings a bit of freshness.

“We’ll be going to different grounds to play different teams, not just playing the same ones over and over.

“It’s something we’re looking forward to and all the lads now are just excited to get pre-season started and aim for that first competitive match.”

Keep an eye on our social media channels over the next few weeks for more news of signings, pre-season friendlies and more.

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