Conor Tinnion: We’ve always come back stronger

First-team captain Conor Tinnion says Reds have always ‘come back stronger’ after setbacks this season.

Tinnion, who spent most of the maximum-point month of February on the sidelines with injury, gave his say on how the squad have reacted since a defeat in late January.

“It could’ve been a better reaction,” he stated speaking on Saturday after the 4-1 win over Clitheroe.

“We had a few tests this season, one of them being at Clitheroe, and we’ve reacted every time.

“Every time we’ve had a setback, we’ve come back stronger.”

That latest setback came at Ramsbottom United, who overtook Reds at the top of the table that day, has been followed by a formidable February.

The skipper, who played 58 minutes at a blustery Borough Park on Saturday, was full of praise for his teammates’ resilience.

“That’s what you can see after the Ramsbottom game; that was a time where we could’ve wobbled.

“Some of the games have been horrible, to be fair, we’ve ground it out.

“We’ve shown we can do the other side of the game and I think that’s been the most pleasing thing.

“Some of the performances have just been gritty and horrible. I don’t think we get enough praise for that.

“The character of the lads, watching from the sidelines, you can see how hungry [the lads] are and it can only, hopefully, bodes for the last 10 games.”

Manager Danny Grainger has maintained since summer that he wants strength in-depth rather than simply a strong starting XI and, now more than ever, the sentiment is on show.

Tinnion himself left a place in the regular team and the two midfield Brads have produced in his absence.

“I don’t think he’ll mind me saying it – he’s been like a broke record at times,” Tinnion revealed.

“He’s always said, 11 players won’t win us the league, 16 or 18 will.

“To be fair, when you can bring in players like Hubbold and Carroll, it’s not about the 11. It’s a squad where the best lads are picked for each game.

“You can see with some of the performances off the bench, you’ve always got a role to play.

“We’ve got 10 games to go, 11 players aren’t gonna do it, everyone’s gonna play a part.”

Reds return to Borough Park on Tuesday evening for an Integro League Cup quarter-final clash against Ossett United, kick-off 19:45 – weather permitting.

On Saturday, Brighouse Town come to West Cumbria for another huge league clash, kick-off 3pm.

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