CLUB STATEMENT – Boardroom change

Workington AFC have announced a board room change which will take place on New Year’s Day. David Bowden will take over the Chairman’s role from Les Byers, who has been interim Chair since February.

Les  Byers commented “My work commitments (outside the club) are ever increasing and I spend much less time with my family than I should. The position of Chairman of a football club at any level is enormously demanding and very, very time consuming. I originally only really agreed to take the role on an interim basis, to facilitate the influx of the new board whilst it found its feet.  I have done that and its in place now.’

Dave paid tribute to Les saying  ” I can’t think of a more difficult time for a  new board to come together to try and progress a football club, nor for anyone  to take on the additional responsibilities as Chair. We are all very grateful for the massive support we had during this transition, and continue to have from Les, who will remain as a club director. I know we can rely on his contribution moving forward “

Reds Manager Danny Grainger, said ‘I’m delighted Les is staying within the Club moving forward. He has always and will always have Reds best interests at heart. We have a great relationship since I joined the club, and since he took over as Chairman, and spent countless hours on the phone discussing anything and everything regarding the club’.

Les added I will remain a member of the board, but will concentrate much of my efforts on the proposed new Allerdale Sport’s Village Project, which of course encompasses Borough Park. There is still a significant amount of work ahead here and so much to be agreed.  Reds are committed to playing an inclusive part in bringing the project to a successful conclusion’. 

The Sports Village is pitching for an initial investment of £5.4M as part of the Workington Town Fund application recently submitted to Government.  A decision is expected by March 2021.

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