CHARLIE BOWMAN: Easiest group to get along with

First-team striker Charlie Bowman says the senior Reds squad is the easiest group to get along with that he’s been part of during his career after re-signing for another season.

The 2020/21 campaign will be Bowman’s third at Borough Park, and he boasts six goals and 16 starts as a more direct option for Danny Grainger to call upon up front.

Discussing the decision to make it three terms in red, the 28-year-old said: “It’s good to have an aim for the season ahead now as I’m sick of doing nothing!

“I’ve been waiting for it to come back around so we can, hopefully, rectify two seasons where we’ve not been promoted.”

As a popular character in the dressing room, Bowman knows the value of team spirit, and has high praise for his teammates.

“The group of lads are the easiest to get on with that I’ve been with in football.,” he stated.

“The way I see it, we’ve all pretty much become mates outside of football as well – we play COD [Call of Duty] together, take about stuff outside of football.”

One of Bowman’s closest buddies in fellow forward Scott Allison, and the pair go way back.

“I’ve know Scotty since I was little,” he revealed.

“We’ve worked together, been to school together and played football together, so we’re big mates.

Bowman went to on say: “He’s absolutely class as well, so it’s always good to see your mate doing well.”

At 28, the striker is part of the elder contingent of the squad and is able to appreciate the value of having a youthful roster on the whole.

“It’s nice having fresh faces, you get young lads who play with less fear, don’t play the percentages but they do what they feel,” he explained.

“The young lads we have are quality and it’s good to be around them rather than a load of old, stiff players like me!”

Always looking the bigger picture, Bowman was pressed on his personal targets for the new term but affirmed helping the team is his sole priority.

“I just want to do the same as I did last year and the year before; work hard and help the team in any way I can.”

The aforementioned ‘direct option’ for Grainger often works to Bowman’s benefit, complimenting Allison and Reuben Jerome’s qualities in the forward line, something he’s well aware off.

“Reuben, Scotty and I get on really well, we bounce off each other but it’s hard to get in with them doing really well!

“I don’t mind it when you see their quality, you just have to wait for your chance,” he admitted.

“I’d like to think I can offer something different.

“It’s trying adapt to what the situation needs, I’d play right-back if it meant winning!”

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