CENTENARY CLUB: Celebrate with us in 2021

Today is a proud moment as we launch the Workington AFC Centenary Club, another significant landmark in our history.

A Centenary Club committee was formed recently with the intention of celebrating the re-formation of the Workington Football Club almost a century ago.

Chairman in-waiting Dave Bowden, the leading influence on the project, explained the thinking of this exciting venture.

“Needless to say, 2020 has been an unimaginable year for us all and, particularly for Reds supporters, has seen almost certain success for the team snatched away at the final hurdle.

“As we approach 2021, and a hundred years since the formation of the current club, it is of vital importance that we celebrate this milestone with our magnificent fans in a unique way,” said Bowden.

“The importance of the relationship between supporters and football clubs has never been so crucial.”

He concluded by saying: “The Centenary Club is a key initiative for this special year and is an opportunity for us to look forward to enjoying each other’s company whilst discussing all things Reds.”

We want as many fans as possible to get involved in this rather special club as we celebrate a wonderful past and look forward to a bright future.

There will be plenty of events to attend and support but the committee, all fanatical Workington supporters, welcomes additional ideas and suggestions you may have to mark the celebrations – after all, it is your club.

The Welcome Pack you receive on taking out membership will be the start of an adventure involving us all.

Get involved here.

Celebrate with us!

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