CEIRAN CASSON: It’s been better than I’d hoped for

Young midfielder Ceiran Casson says his time at Reds has gone better than expected since arriving at the club from youth football in 2019.

Casson, 19, joined the club after leaving Carlisle United in the summer of 2019 and had made 43 starting berths as a staple of Danny Grainger’s side.

Chatting about staying at Borough Park, close to home, Casson was always keen to seal the deal.

“I hoping to stay on,” said the teenager.

“So when Danny rang me, I was very pleased and I can’t wait to get back with the team.”

Coming from the Football League outfit with Liam Brockbank and Jay Kelly almost two years ago, Casson’s teammates helped him settle in straight away.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better first club,” he affirmed.

“The lads are fantastic; they’re always helping each other out and I feel like I fit in well.”

Although Casson has mostly played as the holding midfielder in Grainger’s 4-3-3 formation, 2020/21 saw the 19-year-old move back into a three-man defensive line, something he felt comfortable enough doing.

“I can play centre-back if needed but I prefer a midfield role,” he explained.

“Sometimes it’s nice at centre-back to see everything in front of you – I can do it if I have to!”

Finally, reflecting on two terms as a Red, Casson stated: “It’s been better than I’d hope for, the way I’ve played as many games as I have.

“I thought I’d maybe be a rotation player at first but I fit the way the manager plays and I’m enjoying it, so, hopefully, I can keep going.

“I now want to try and get as fit as I can now, and hopefully, we get back to the form of our first year.”

Keep on the lookout for another re-signing announcement later today via our social media platforms.

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