Borough Park Stadium Team

A stadium project team is currently being assembled by the club to deal with not just the day to day problems at Borough Park, but to help mould and shape any future stadium on the site.

This multi-disciplined group – recruited primarily from our supporters – is led by Stadium Director, Les Byers. The team of five or six members will report directly to the board of directors.

After the previous new stadium design was ruled out last summer, the local authority agreed to look at a scaled back version. Our new stadium team therefore has a fresh opportunity to invest more time and effort, via early engagement and collaboration with all interested parties, to achieve the best possible solution for the club.

This is an extremely positive move by the club. A fit-for-purpose stadium solution must be the ultimate consideration for the local authority, both clubs and the wider community.

Les is one of the club’s representatives on Allerdale Borough Council’s Sports Village Project Board, which also includes members from Workington Town.

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