BOOK REVIEW: Borough Park revered in stunning new book

A wonderful new book has been published recognising British Football’s Greatest Grounds.  It is supplemented by hundreds of stunning photographs, bringing to life one hundred must-see venues the length and breadth of the UK.

Mike Bayly

And we are proud to say that our very own, and much loved Borough Park, is included in this wonderful journal which captures venues from some of the iconic Premier League clubs right down to the many hidden gems at non-league and grass roots level.

Meticulously compiled by Mike Bayly, the one hundred grounds which feature in the spectacular book were chosen by a worldwide blog which invited football fans to vote for their five favourite grounds.

The blog received 16,000 visits listing three hundred different grounds, a total which was whittled down to the top one hundred on the back of one vote per nomination.

Mike, who visited Workington to complete his research and photography four years ago, is a lifelong football fan with a passion for documenting the game in its wider context.  He spends most Saturdays exploring Britain’s scenic football grounds, particularly those in the Lake District, Wales and Scotland.

Sandwiched between entries from Stalybridge Celtic and Ramsbottom United, Borough Park’s three pages include a brief history of the ground and the club accompanied by three photographs of the stadium inside and out. 

Borough Park section

The quality of photography is so good it is possible to identify many of the individuals standing on the terraces.  Produced by Pitch Publishing, British Football’s Greatest Grounds retails for £30 although many outlets offer it at a reduced rate.  It is a must for aficionados of all ages.

Link to Amazon website: British Football’s Greatest Grounds: One Hundred Must-See Football Venues

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