Bakers framed

Remember Gary McKeating’s wonderful photograph taken during a rain storm at the Prescot Cables match last month?

He captured two Reds’ fans huddled under an umbrella on a deserted section of the Derwent End terraces, as they faced horizontal rain on a wet and wild afternoon at Borough Park.

The photograph, which went worldwide and was viewed over 4 million times, depicted Reds’ fan Billy Baker and grandson, Dylan, watching their heroes in action despite the hostile elements.

Radio and television appearances followed as the picture attracted the attention of the local, and national, media.

The pair were back at Borough Park on Saturday, as guests of the club, and photographer McKeating and Reds chairman, Phil Norman, presented the now famous Workington supporters with a framed version of Gary’s stunning photograph.

Billy, Dylan and family members enjoyed their VIP treatment at the ground, despite the disappointing result, with Dylan benefitting from Bootle’s late winner – it was his Golden Goal ticket which came up trumps!

Photo: Ben Challis

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