April 2020 – Update from the Board

It feels like an age ago since we won that fantastic game at Tadcaster and since then had to respond to the very real dangers of the Coronavirus outbreak. These are extremely challenging times and we are all adapting to a new way of living and working.

That match turned out to be the final game of our season and across the club we have all found it extremely difficult to come to terms with the FA decision, ending the season so prematurely and without any reward whatsoever for our efforts.

The Club intends, when things return to normal, whenever that may be, to still hold our annual presentation night. We will not permit the season to be declared ‘null and void’ and expunged from OUR record books. This event will fully recognise and celebrate our brilliant achievement and everyone will be invited to join us.

Until then we obviously have much more pressing matters to attend too. Along with many clubs across the country, we all face significant problems surviving through this prolonged period of disruption. It is simply a case, that below the National League where there is no TV deal, virtually all revenue comes through supporters attending matches, either by their admission money or cash spent on food and drink; and even half-time draw tickets.

The board acted quickly to establish our Covid-19 Survival Appeal and everyone is flabbergasted and overwhelmed that it has just topped £17K of our £20K target. All in less than six weeks. This money will go along way to securing the future of the Reds in the unknown times ahead.

This is truly an amazing achievement that has galvanised our supporters at this strange and difficult time. We cannot thank everyone enough for their generous help and support.

Chairman Les Byers

All our contract players and staff have been put on furlough, but the Club is totally committed to topping up the 80% government grant, so everyone receives their full wages just as before the pandemic.

Despite not knowing when football will return to Borough Park, it has been business as usual. The Club has fully reviewed our manager’s playing budget for the new season and agreed a 20% increase. Danny can now start planning to strengthen his squad.

Danny added, “The management have spoken to all our existing players and are pleased with the positive response. We expect to make an announcement regarding our squad for next season in the near future.”

In the last two weeks, the Club have also implemented much needed improvements to the pitch. Whilst strictly adhering to social distancing regulations, our playing surface has been verti-drained, seeded and covered with 90 tonnes of top-dressing, in preparation for when games eventually resume.

Finally now that Borough Park is securely locked down, we would like to express enormous thanks to Tony Layzell. His company has generously donated and installed a new comprehensive electronic surveillance system within the ground, complete with CCTV.

Please continue to be safe, be kind and look after each other.

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