Outlined below are some key facts about the proposed Allerdale Community Stadium.

Who will be able to use the Stadium?
All of Allerdale and West Cumbria. It will be a new home for Workington Reds and Workington town but it’s a community stadium that gives the area’s proud sporting tradition a future. All major local finals could be held in it, and the full-size synthetic pitch attached is for community use with its own changing rooms.

Why build at Borough Park?
The Borough Park option was a joint decision by the clubs and Council. It is close to the town, link with the massively popular sports centre to create a 21st Century leisure hub to encourage local people to enjoy sport as a participator or a spectator.

What will it look like and what will be in it?

  • Total capacity of 8,000 made up of terrace and seating. Flexible operations – different capacities for different events, reducing cost.
  • Events space and conference facilities for 350 people.
  • Plenty of parking and a new footbridge over Soapery Beck. As with leisure centre, will not make any difference to Uppies and Downies.
  • A hybrid grass/synthetic surface with greater durability like those used in the Premier League, Super League, and the World Cup.
  • Intent to host a maJor health centre in South stand and three storeys of offices in East Stand, which will bring in over 350 workers to the site, spending money in the town

How will it be funded? How much will it cost? How will it be managed?

  • The stadium will cost c.£26m, with more than half being the cost of building the health centre and offices.
  • The Council’s plan is that the stadium will be built and funded by a developer. It will then be leased to a council-owned, not-for-profit stadium company on a long lease. The majority of the lease cost covered by the rent from the offices and NHS centre and from conferencing and events (that could range from weddings to Rugby League World Cup matches).
  • Each club would have exactly the same agreement to use the stadium – paying a % of their gate income for each match and keeping a % of the fans’ food and drink spend. Each club can bring in sponsors and hospitality, sell pitch side advertising, and be able to organise their own events.
  • The stadium company would be responsible to manage and maintain the stadium. Whilst the council will be the owner, the two clubs would have equal input into the operation of the stadium.

When will it be built? Where will Reds play whilst it is being built? What will happen to Derwent Park afterwards?

  • The plan is to begin the build later this year and complete in 2021 in time for the Rugby League World Cup.
  • An agreement between the clubs means that Reds will play at Derwent Park before both clubs move to the new stadium.
  • The Council has agreed in principle to take back Derwent Park site from Town for redevelopment in the future but with no firm plans right now.

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