ALISTAIR MORRISON: Cracking bunch of lads

Alistair Morrison says Reds’ first-team squad are a ‘cracking bunch of lads’ after he lead an intense training session yesterday morning.

Morrison, who worked with us last summer, is a Personal Trainer and gave our group some tough tests in what will, no doubt, prove to once again be very a beneficial exercise.

Speaking once the session was over, the former Oldham Athletic player and light heavyweight boxer discussed what he thought of the day.

“They’re a cracking bunch of lads,” he said.

“I thought they totally engaged from the start, it was a really top effort from everyone.”

Following his two and a half years as a player at Boundary Park, Morrison has embarked on various sporting escapades and knows all about what it takes to be successful when faced with challenges.

“Football a team game, so you’re fast as your slowest man – if one goes in, you’re all in,” he explained.

“You win together and lose together. I’m massive on when you get in the trenches, you fight with all of your mates.

“I’d want to play with those lads to be honest. I don’t think there’s one bad egg amongst them.”

Now a PT, Morrison is used to dealing with clients but revealed what it was like approaching a group he knows little about, saying: “It’s quite difficult when you turn up on an one-off and you don’t know exactly who’s who.

“From that perspective, I find it quite interesting; who you can get even more out of when they’re working hard.

“I also find it interesting when there’s a lightbulb situation, where they think ‘You know what? I did have more in me there, he pressed the right buttons and I feel amazing for it!’”

“Therefore, the fitness just takes off and they start growing even more as footballers, the athlete kicks in and you get even more out of it.”

A big thank you again to Alistair for his time and you can watch our compilation here.

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