AGM UPDATE: In good hands

There was a positive ninety minutes at Borough Park on Thursday although the good vibes came from the Annual General Meeting and not, for once, from Chris Willcock’s table-topping squad.

Chairman Dave Bowden delivered his first review, for the year ending 31 May, 2021 to club shareholders and it appeared quite obvious that the club is in good hands.

Commenting on a satisfactory set of accounts for the end of the financial year, the Chairman said, “I cannot guarantee the figures for next year will be as healthy as they were at the end of May, in twelve months time.”

Adding, “It became slightly easier running the club during the pandemic than it will be when we are playing week in, week out, and thanks to the furlough scheme, supporters forfeiting a refund on season tickets, the fund raising from the various RISC initiatives and individual donations, the financial situation was probably better than anticipated.”

Directors Howard Bouch and Les Byers were both unanimously re-elected for a second term in office with Kevin Aitken, Dave Bowden, Phil Norman and Chris Root completing the six man board.

The Chairman’s report set out the principles of how they intend to run the club with the emphasis on financial stability.  He praised the work that goes on in the Reds in the Community programme with age groups from seven to sixteen benefitting from coaching, for boys and girls, in a safe environment as well as delivering PE to local schools.

He also thanked Community directors, Simon Collins and Richard Lewthwaite for their invaluable input with compliance and safeguarding matters and involvement with locals clubs on match days, respectively.

Former manager, Danny Grainger, was thanked for reviving the team’s fortunes prior to his departure in the summer with Chris Willcock continuing the good work into this season where, despite a well documented lengthy injury list, he has moulded a potential promotion winning side.

Bowden then enlightened shareholders on the imminent Sporting Village project which will see Reds and Town share a new stadium on the current site.  Within the next few weeks there will be more debate on the situation with regular communication delivered to the supporters.

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