Ability Counts

Saturday’s game against Ilkeston wasn’t just a successful one on the pitch.

Off it we were celebrating success too. We were proud to entertain our new Ability Counts team in the Shankly Lounge where they displayed the 4 trophies they have won in their first year and also held a little presentation where Danny Grainger did the honours.

Formed just 12 months ago with the help of a grant from NPL sponsors Pitching In the team has completed in monthly fixtures held in Carlisle with great success under the guidance of coach Mark Thompson.

Numbers have grown from just a handful to over 20 and now has more interest going into next season.

With added support from SK Kits who have supplied a full playing kit these lads are truly part of our great club and it’s an area we will be looking to expand on in 2024.

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