A poignant message

The Terry Newton ‘Grass Roots’ project has been doing the rounds in Cumbria with Borough Park the latest venue to host the mental health awareness session, fronted by rugby league legends Danny Sculthorpe and Phil Veivers. 

Photo – Richard Lewthwaite, Danny Sculthorpe, Danny Grainger, Phil Veivers and Sam Smith – back with Phil Norman and David Symington – front

An audience including directors, supporters and members of the first team, Reds Ladies and the Development Squad listened intently as the two guest speakers delivered an hour-long session on a problem that could affect us all. 

It was thought provoking, statistically alarming and, to be frankly honest, quite scary as two tough guys from one of the world’s toughest sports explained how they came within inches of taking their own lives as depression took a hold. 

Thankfully, neither became another victim and now they are preaching the gospel of the importance to talk if depression becomes more than a ten-letter word.  

It was very informative and certainly delivered a message which everyone took on board. 

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