#changes blog

removed my theme login plugin (gg)
removed countdown plugin (gg)
deactivated goodlayers importer (gg)
deactivated goodlayers portfoilio post type (gg)
deactivated goodlayers shortcode (gg)
deactivated goodlayers soccer (gg)
removed gs logo slider (gg)
removed joomsport (gg)
removed master slider pro (gg)
removed query monitor (gg)
changed header type (gg)
added npl logo (gg)
added sponsors carousel using logo showcase (gg)
changed amount of news items displayed from 4 to 8 (gg)
deactivated sports press (not the pro version) (gg)
deactivated tablepress (gg)
removed WP Client Logo Carousel (gg)
changed primary colour to a darkish red to match strip (gg)
made header badge bigger (gg)
changed npl logo (gg)

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